Giving Tuesday: Ximena’s Story

Ximena: The Community Laundry Coop helped her get on her feet after arriving in Canada as a refugee.A year ago last week, Ximena and her two young children arrived in Canada as refugees. They were fleeing domestic violence, including threats against the children’s lives. They arrived with few possessions and little English.

Ximena struggled. She didn’t know where to turn until someone introduced her to the Community Laundry Co-op. That was when life began to improve: “The people at the Co-op have supported me in so many ways, from helping with the language, to the kids’ school, to being a friend. They have helped me with everything.”

The support provided to Ximena started with the basics: access to the food bank, help with English, winter clothing donations and emergency housing. Safe space and childcare were found so Ximena could participate in meetings with refugee lawyers. The CLC successfully advocated for Ximena’s children to be included in funding she received from Ontario Works. Eventually she moved with her children into an apartment, and the CLC arranged for furniture donations. Then she received support for registering her kids in school, free school supplies, and a bus pass so her eldest could travel to school.

None of this has been easy for Ximena and her family. But the CLC was there for her, as we are for all our members, helping them in all kinds of ways from building job skills, navigating social services and, of course, ensuring they have clean clothes.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday ensures we can continue to change lives like Ximena’s: “I’m so very grateful for what the Co-op has done for me because they have helped to make me a new person. Before, I didn’t trust anybody. Now I can trust people again.”

We are so grateful for your support of our members, including Ximena. We couldn’t do it without you. Please consider making a donation today so we can continue changing lives for another year.

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